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I’d be so much happier if they DIDNT cancel Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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Star Wars + Planets

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when youre at the video game store and someone buys a game you like


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Vader saw his son crying, and knew it must have been at the horror of the face the boy beheld. It intensified, momentarily, Vader’s own sense of anguish—to his crimes, now, he added guilt at the imagined repugnance of his appearance. But then this brought him to mind of the way he used to look—striking, and grand, with a wry tilt to his brow that hinted of invincibility and took in all of life with a wink. Yes, that was how he’d looked once.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi → Prequel Trilogy


Concept vs. Reality: Padme Amidala in Revenge of the Sith

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The Darths

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now my w a t c h begins.

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star wars meme - [2/10] characters → boba fett

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We have powerful friends. You’re going to regret this.

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Make me choose:» the-blue-teacup asked: Obi-Wan or Han Solo


Make me choose:
» the-blue-teacup asked: Obi-Wan or Han Solo

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and this is your life

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Jedi Knights 1/2 Inspiration x